At ebc's online marketing app BIZ DEXX© - a unique Web Advertising System

At ebc's own custom Directory advertising platform can be built into any website. This online application was designed to be replicated and build a large web network, which builds value and relevance on the search engines.

At ebc's BIZ DEXX© has been utilized to develop independent website systems. These sites will sell services to advertisers that will increase the exposure of their business online.

Shopping for Business is a streamlined version of BIZ DEXX© that is a business and consumer based advertising listing system.

The International Outpost is a blend of the BIZ DEXX© web platform, and the addition of Video listings, information, and ecommerce that caters to a specific market, The Outdoors!

These systems were developed to help businesses start advertising on a smaller budget, and build on more advertising services to maximize their online exposure. Be sure to visit each site to gain a better understanding of what they can provide to your business.

BIZ DEXX© Power to the Business!

BIZ DEXX© is part of our "Network" concept, the more links and content that a business has on the web, the more successful they will be.

We set up BIZ DEXX© so it can be resold and rebuilt for any market. The platform can be utilized to sell advertising services and increase exposure of the content.

The BIZ DEXX© platform is a very unique way to develop your brand online and build several sources of advertising income, let us show you how!

A Creative Media Catalyst Company

@ebc can be your one-stop-shop for all of your web creative, print, and multimedia needs. Add BIZ DEXX© onto your choices, either as an advertiser within one of our BIZ DEXX© solutions, or utilize us to build your own special BIZ DEXX© system!

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