A Digital Agency with a Production Process

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At ebc Inc. has grown to manage production services for small, mid-sized and enterprise level companies by providing Website Design, Creative, Web Development, Marketing and Advertising support. With our roots and knowledge in tradition and the great outdoors, we can wholeheartedly manage clients in these markets. Also, "the finer things in life" markets are supported as well. We call this the, "Aficionado" based-businesses. We have a special section of our website dedicated to these markets. Click here for more information.

Our services are set up to provide a blend of production and project management to keep overall project costs down. This process dedicates the proper amount of production time to produce a final product with all the, "bells and whistles" the client is looking for.

Advertising Services and Web Platforms for Specific Markets

Our web application, BIZ DEXX was designed so any business could advertise online at a lower cost. But we also developed BIZ DEXX so it could be, "re-developed" for any market. A direct example was used to create The International Outpost's Business Directory section.(More about the International Outpost below)

We have also created a website built completely around the core of the BIZ DEXX application. This will show clients how it could apply to their own market and be rebuilt for their business. Shopping for Business is a working example of the core web application. It provides a lower cost solution for any business to advertising online.

At ebc Inc. has created a supportive online advertising platform for specialty markets.(The Great Outdoors, Sporting and Aficionado) There are some markets that cannot pay to advertise on major search engines. This lead to the development of the BIZ DEXX platform, and a more specific website designed to provide advertising services. The website, The International Outpost was created to provide a place to advertise for The Outdoors and Aficionado related information, products and services.

Shopping for Business is a more mainstream business and consumer based advertising directory. It provides an online advertising resource for any business at a reduced cost over other online advertising services.

These working examples show how the BIZ DEXX platform can customized for any market. Set up a consultation with us, and we'll explain how it could apply to your business.

Media Production & Client Management

web development production directors workgin for at ebc clients

Our media management is structured to provide each client with a Production Director that oversee's all of a client's creative, development and marketing services.

Our process is unique because we focus on hiring knowledgeable directors that understand Internet Marketing, have a creative background, can manage complex web development projects, and can work with clients to provide a successful online business strategy. This is also a great optimization process because client's have one point of contact with a Director, and then we collaborate with our designers, developers and marketers. This greatly improves our client's success through proper collaboration on projects, without eating up their time away from their business.

We always stay creative, that is built into our employees. Our people and partners are the best at what they do. We remain focused on our tasks, provide a casual atmosphere, (corporate casual defined by us is a dress shirt and denim jeans!) and stay professional out of respect to our clients. We choose to additionally support the Outdoors, Sporting and Aficionado Markets so they have an opportunity to advertise in the Digital space. Plus our people are passionate about the Outdoors, Athletics, and the finer things in life, which gives our clients a more personal connection to their project!

By focusing on management and production, we stay as efficient as possible. You will understand the scope of production, current/on-going costs and delivery times when we begin. We understand the "ASAP" world, we are specially structured this way, and will work to get your project into production as fast as possible, with all the proper management in place.

@ebc Inc. can be your one-stop-shop for all of your web, creative, print, ecommerce and media needs. You will learn that we can become your Digital Marketing Agency firm of choice. You will save time and money through our "production-based" approach. Contact us today!

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