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Foxtail Digital Marketing services with at ebc inc

You're done hunting for Digital Marketing Services! Our foxy digital branding and marketing services are driven by understanding the clients marketing objectives. Backed with years of experience, optimized tools, and a creative focus, clients will benefit from our marketing services.

Website Strategy

Website Strategy Development
Our full site system audits cover opportunities for advanced SEO, optimized content, improved usability and more. They also help create an outline for an ongoing digital marketing strategy.

Consulting Services
The people here are experts that can identify opportunities for your website to improve, and provide a thorough marketing plan going forward.

Web Analytics
We use the top analytics platform and an internal system to monitor traffic, optimize, and view activity on the site. We also edit site content to provide more accurate results and establish goals.

Website Launches & Redesigns
If you are launching a new brand or redesigning an established website, we have the experience to help improve your success. We can execute a successful launch, increase organic search traffic, and redesign or re brand your business.


Social Media Marketing and Blog Writing
We can utilize the top social networks to communicate with potential customers, and increase the exposure of your brand. We can promote to industry influences and effectively promote your brand through blogging techniques which will create a unique voice that represents your business.

Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimization
We have created successful SEO services for clients. We build a comprehensive strategy to build upon your existing SEO initiatives.

On Page Optimization
We optimize the content on your website through a system that will expand your relevance and position in major search engines.

Link Building
Our link building tactics follow industry guidelines. We build natural links that help to improve positions in the search engines.

Content Marketing
We manage your content by writing in such a way that will reach your audience and promote your brand as well as your unique voice and message.

Web Creative

Creative content
We are creative experts that can build content that will compliment your brand, and make you still stand out. Your logo will need consideration to fit into a digital world, and not just the traditional world of print. More info on our creative page.

Creative Asset Design & Promotion
We can create and promote your digital assets. You will gain exposure on social media as well as your website, which will improve your brand authority.

User Experience and User Interaction

Usability & Customer Experience
We will learn user behavior and how users interact with your site. We can provide analysis so you can leverage your visitors and increase your conversion rate.

Conversion Optimization
We can work on optimizing and creating landing pages, partner with brands, and utilize web tools to create even more conversions.

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We look forward to become the "one source" for all of your online development, creative, advertising and marketing needs.