At ebc's Creative Design & Marketing Strategies - Graphic Design

@ ebc can create a custom graphic designs - print campaigns for your business. Logo branding becomes the launching point in a new business image, and becomes an important part of the company print as well as the website. Most company images look to reinvent themselves online, and you can feel confident that @ebc will creatively work with with you to complete your whole branding campaign.

The process of designing a website involves gathering information, documenting it, and developing an online marketing plan. Logo design is important because most businesses learn that a new more "corporate" image online creates a more professional look to your customers. Then you get into creating a visual website layout that incorporates a special design theme. Then that logo, along with your theme and message, can easily be translated into a print and design campaign to cover your normal marketing strategy.

Creative Graphic Design Solutions
@ebc Inc. prides itself on providing all the needed creative design services to build your identity. Logo design, packaging design, trade show, promotions, print, catalog, sales sheets, yeah, all that creative stuff!

branding with digtial photography

Branding through Digital Photography
@ebc Inc. has the creative staff to manage your digital photography assets and build your brand! Our staff will work with your digital imagery, photographer or work to select photographic imagery that will best portray your brand and enhance your image.

At ebc Inc. - A Creative Media Catalyst Company

We look forward to become the "one source" for all of your online development, creative, advertising and marketing needs.