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@ebc Inc Mid-Level Market - The Outdoors

@ebc fully supports the The Outdoors, which we classify as the Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor, Boating and Camping markets. Sporting Goods products can fit into this category as well. @ebc has an advantage marketing to these through our interests, hobbies and support because of the negativity that has been placed upon these markets. So go get the gear you need for your Outdoor sport, @ebc will drive the web ecommerce stores, design their brand and help to promote their business and get it in front of consumers.

Some of the markets within The Outdoors.....

Hunting sports that use dogs

Bird Hunting and Hunting Dogs

Bird Dogs and hunting gear is a very large market segment within the Outdoor and hunting. @ebc has supported businesses with game farms and hunting preserves that utilize bird dogs. Several other businesses and associations fall under this category such as Game Preserves, DNR information, Firearms, and other related retail hunting gear can all be supported through @ebc.

Traditional Firearms Over under shotguns bolt actions

Traditional Sporting Firearms, Over Unders and Bolt Actions

@ebc has direct knowledge and experience marketing Sporting Arms such as Over under shotguns, side-by-sides, Bolt Action Rifles, just to name a few. There is history there, that transcends how these older firearms were part of tradition of countries and more local community events. And several Sporting Hunts utilize these firearms which can include Sporting Bird Dogs, one of our supportive Outdoor markets.

Marketing to Archery businesses


The Archery Industry is trending upward, and @ebc has special interest in marketing Archery related products, services, and outfitters that cater to Archery Hunters. Hobby and traditional shooters are supported through extensive knowledge and support for hunting through @ebc employees, so you know you'll have a passionate employee working to make your Archery-related business succeed.

@ebc supports this market so well that we have created a separate website dedicated to hunting, fishing and the outdoors called, The International Outpost. Please visit this page for more information.

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Our Targeted Mid-Market Clients

@ebc has grown to support Mid-Market companies, and along the way grew to provide support for businesses that may have been rejected for design, development and marketing service requests based off the products and services they sell. @ebc has direct experience and motivation to support those companies, and not cast any judgment. @ebc will support any business based off ethical and legal practices, as well as the targeted markets we list below.

Our targeted Markets:


Sporting Goods



Shooting Sports




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