The Shopping for Business Website System

At ebc's own custom Directory advertising platform can be built into any website. This online application was designed to be replicated and build a large web network, which builds value and relevance on the search engines.

One of our unique Biz Dexx uses was developed to create a website advertising systems for your business, welcome to the Shopping for Business site system.

Shopping for Business - Now every business has a place to advertise online for a reasonable price!

Visit the website Shopping for Business - A Banner advertising Management System places your business listing into a category, and you can build your listing by adding banners, coupons, specials, etc. All for a membership fee, with advanced features that will include positional ads, advertising management, and several unique features to promote your ads all over the web!

These systems were developed to help businesses advertise and promote online at any level, have the opportunity to promote their business online. Be sure to visit each site to gain a better understand of what they can provide to your business.

These systems were developed to help businesses start advertising on a smaller budget, and build on more advertising services to maximize their online exposure. Be sure to visit each site to gain a better understanding of what they can provide to your business.

BIZ DEXX© Power to the Business!

Be sure to visit our Biz Dexx implemented systems for a better understanding on how our web platforms can utilized.

Next, be sure to check out how to fully implement Biz Dexx into a specific, "Market Based System", At ebc's own online ecommerce advertising platform, The International Outpost.

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@ebc can be your one-stop-shop for all of your web creative, print, and multimedia needs. Add BIZ DEXX© onto your choices, either as an advertiser within one of our BIZ DEXX© solutions, or utilize us to build your own special BIZ DEXX© system!

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