The International Outpost Website System

One of our unique Biz Dexx ecommerce website advertising systems for your business, welcome to The International outpost site system.

Visit the website The International Outpost (formerly International Big Game) - A market-specific Product & Service informational system. "The IO" combines the Biz DEXX application directory system with informative video posts, an online shopping cart, and other custom advertising functions that promote the site's selected market of OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - Sporting, Fishing, and the International Outdoors!

The IO takes it one step further to support back end management of inventory, accounting and point of sale systems, with links to the online web store.

The International Outpost is a blend of the BIZ DEXX© web platform, and the addition of Video listings, information, and ecommerce that caters to a specific market, The Outdoors!

The IO PLAN is to coordinate all of a business's aspects of commerce around an efficient online platform, and move it back into the traditional storefront. Plans to manage the physical location, design theme, and product management are even in the works!

Everything is integrated so a business can start up the same system in a different market. Visit the site to get a feel how it could benefit your business.

BIZ DEXX© Power to the Business!

Be sure to visit our Biz Dexx implemented systems for a better understanding on how our web platforms can utilized.

We set up BIZ DEXX© so it can be resold and rebuilt for any market, the creation of The International Outpost shows how it can be an online catalyst for your business market!

The BIZ DEXX© platform is a very unique way to develop your brand online and build several sources of advertising income, let us show you how!

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